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Conventional wiring poses a high threat and has caused many injuries and fatalities nationwide due to improper pole trajectory, and the electrical and fire hazard caused from exposed wires and sheered off fuses. The fact remains that accident victims, rescue personnel, pedestrians and law enforcement officials are at risk and liabilities increase.

The DOT PLUGTM is a field proven wiring system and is the break-away choice of many departments of transportation throughout the United States. When compared to other conventional cable break away systems, the DOT PLUGTM is simply superior. It is without a doubt the safest and easiest-to-maintain wiring system for roadway poles.


What makes ITS Products Representatives’ DOT PLUG better?

  • IP-68 Certified, crush-proof, flame-retardant superior construction
  • OSHA-approved, water resistant system ensures safety while Maintaining/installing.
  • Parallel design provides improved performance \and increased reliability.
  • Maximum strength, rupture-proof SOOW cable ensures optimum safety.
  • Allows proper pole trajection during knockdown.
  • Eliminates specifying, design engineers and contractors liability due to injury or death attributed to preventable fire or electrocution.
  • Eliminates possibility of fire after accident due to sparking wires.
  • Eliminates possibility of electrocution to victims, rescue personnel & pedestrians.
  • Eliminates damaged splices and allows remaining poles on circuit to illuminate.
  • Eliminates fuse holder and surge arrester replacement after knockdown.
  • Eliminates delayed rescue efforts attributed to exposed wire.
  • Eliminates repeated splicing and wire damage after knockdown.
  • Meets the new break-away wiring requirements of AASHTO.
  • System maintenance quick and simple.