Safer Roadways

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New, innovative technologies have revolutionized the roadway lighting industry. Such technologies as break-away systems have been incorporated into the transportation infrastructure of major cities. In recent years, we have seen inferior break-away systems installed into city streets. But, the fact remains that while these systems may meet FDOT Standard Index No. 17500 and are less expensive, they simply do not provide the same level of safety as the DOT PLUGTM. Most transportation professionals agree that you simply cannot sacrifice safety for for price. The DOT PLUGTM provides people with a safer option at an affordable price.

The fact is that the more populated a city becomes the harder it is for city to keep up with the growing challenges of the weather and the Florida environment. When considering Florida’s harsh environment, other breakaway cable systems simply cannot stand-up to the DOT PLUGTM especially if the cable systems have been submersed due to flooding. Corrosion and even cases of electrocution have been the direct cause of inferior breakaway cable systems.

The DOT PLUGTM is a more sophisticated and better-made breakaway cable system. The end result? The DOT PLUGTM increases safety within the city while saving lives and limiting liabilities.


DOT PLUGTM wiring:


Roadway safety matters

There are many documented cases of tragic incidents involving conventional wiring, as well as the great human and monetary costs derived from these incidents. Here are some examples: