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A Safer and More Economical DOT PLUGTM

While there are many PCDS, only one can offer you the highest safety rating –the MG2 DOT PLUGTM. As an authorized dealer of MG2, the inventors of the patented DOT PLUGTM system, our revolutionary technology offers a more reliable solution to protecting highway lighting in Florida.

Superior Construction

Breakaway cable systems of other manufacturers are simply inferior. The diminished overall construction grade is not suited for Florida’s roadside environment lacking submersibility. In fact, many are not even IP-68 certified. our competitor’s DOT PLUGTM systems are not not applicable for that high exposure environment without a substantial cost increase due to the lack of capacitive components. Crush proof and flame retardant, The ITSPR’s MG2 DOT PLUGTM is an IP-68 rated submersible system Our DOT PLUGTM meets the new break-away wiring requirements of AASHTO and is manufactured to withstand the harsh environment of Florida.

Optimum Cable Strength

Another weak point in the FDOTs alternative is the cable. This cable lacks the proper mechanical and electrical insulation to assure a safe performance of the entire lighting system. The ITSPR DOT PLUGTM is designed after the cord systems used on military submarines/aircraft carriers. The SOOW cable used in our systems is rupture proof thereby ensuring optimum safety.

Installation and Maintenance

OSHA states that any electrical installation shall be done in such way to assure the safety of the maintenance personnel. Many times, maintenance is going to be performed in a wet environment and sometimes literally under water. Other manufacturers do not assure maintenance can be completed under water. Our DOT PLUGTM systems are rated to operate under those conditions.


A parallel design creates a less resistant dissipation path to the ground reference, providing the most cost effective solution with an improved performance over your present failure rate. Such a properly designed and grounded device will have a considerably longer life-cycle at no additional procurement cost, thereby reducing maintenance and operational costs after project completion.

The DOT PLUG system features easy maitenance of fuses and surge arrestors, along with submirgible and re-enterable splices which allow most pole knockdowns a reusable system.