ITS Products Representatives, Inc. (ITSPR) is [MG]² ’s Manufacturer Representative in the State of Florida. [MG]² became responsible for the development and eventual nationwide specification of the AASHTO compliant breakaway cable system for light poles called DOT · PLUG ™ in 1992, after becoming aware of electrical hazards created in the aftermath of a breakaway light pole knockdown. The DOT · PLUG ™ product has virtually eliminated the fire and electrical hazards associated with light pole knock-downs while at the same time effectively reduced maintenance time and costs. About this same time, [MG]² introduced the individual fixture lowering device to the U.S. Department of Transportation market and rapidly improved upon existing lowering concepts by offering the only 600 volt rated contact connector in the industry. To date, the number of fixture lowering systems sold nationwide has exceeded 2000.

In 1994, [MG]² once again had a vision of increasing safety and maintainability in the recently born Intelligent Transportation System marketplace. [MG]² anticipated the deployment of CCTV cameras on the highways of the world, and thus, developed the first lowering system specifically designed to raise and lower multi-function surveillance cameras and other ITS related devices. [MG]² was responsible for the first installation of a camera lowering device and has since become the recognized leader in camera lowering technology. With installations nationwide as well as abroad in Australia and South Korea, and interest around the globe, it has become apparent that the [MG]² concept of lowering cameras has become an integral part of every ITS design.