The ITS Revolution

How many times have you seen it? An accident or breakdown on a major highway that slows traffic. The fact remains more populated a city becomes the harder it is for city to keep up with the growing demands of your Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) systems. And with new technologies now available at the simple click of a mouse, it’s not easy to determine which IT solutions best fit your organization.

Over the years, we have seen new, innovative technologies revolutionize the ITS industry. These technologies have added information and communications technology to the transportation infrastructure within a city. The end result? To increase safety within the city while managing factors that typically are at odds with each other, such as vehicles, loads, and routes that in essence improve safety and reduce vehicle wear, transportation times, and fuel consumption.

More importantly, most transportation professionals agree that we cannot simply build our way out of urban congestion problems. Intelligent transportation systems provide the technology to enable people to make smart travel choices.