Enabling Innovation

Interest in ITS comes from the problems caused by traffic congestion and a synergy of new information technology for simulation, real-time control, and communications networks. Traffic congestion has been increasing worldwide as a result of increased motorization, urbanization, population growth, and changes in population density. Congestion reduces efficiency of transportation infrastructure and increases travel time, air pollution, and fuel consumption.

Recent governmental activity in the area of ITS is further motivated by the continued need for homeland security. Many of the proposed ITS systems also involve surveillance of the roadways, which is a priority of homeland security. Funding of many systems comes either directly through homeland security organizations or with their approval. Further, ITS can play a role in the rapid mass evacuation of people in urban centers after large casualty events such as a result of a natural disaster or threat. Much of the infrastructure and planning involved with ITS parallels the need for homeland security systems.

Are your ITS needs growing at the same pace as your city? Do you have a viable strategy to keep your streets and highways safe? Today, ITS infrastructures have to be custom-designed to meet specific city needs. The fact is, the world of ITS is changing. Cities need to be able to keep an eye on the highways and be able to process more information faster and efficiently. And now, with the increasing need to limit liabilities and increases safety standards, who can you trust to get sound ITS advice? Where can you go to get the cutting-edge ITS system design, integration and management you need to achieve your goals? The answer is simple… Intelligent

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