Smart Camera Lowering Systems

Safe, Efficient, Convenient and Cost Effective

It’s an all too familiar predicament – you’ve invested in a a highway surveillance system but the logistical demands required has made it increasing difficult to safely service these cameras while maintaining cost low.

Think about it, CCTV and ITS systems are designed to keep traffic moving while adding safety. However, like all CCTV systems, they require maintenance. The challenge has always been to be able to service these camera systems without having to block lanes thereby slowing the flow of traffic. More importantly, the use of bucket trucks in a busy highway increases the danger to the crews maintaining these systems.

At ITSPR, our camera lowering systems are designed to save time and money while safely lowering your devises to the ground. No need for trucks with lift buckets. No need to close lanes. These systems lower your cameras to the ground in less than a minute from heights over 80 feet. More importantly, they keep the feet of your maintenance crew on the ground where the can safely repair and/or maintain the units.


Design Requirements and Custom Applications

ITS and CCTV system design and integration is a detailed science, which requires the right know-how. Our professionals know requirements and city codes required to build safe highway systems. More importantly, we have the knowledge and experience to identify your needs and develop a sound solution for your custom needs.

While these lowering systems are designed to be mounted on existing structures, we have also engineered these systems to be easily adapted to operate with a customized structure thereby eliminating additional maintenance issues.

Whether you’re looking for standard camera lowering systems or a product for a more custom application, at ITSPR we’ll help you identify your system needs, develop the necessary applications and implement a dynamic solution that meets your needs.


What makes our Camera Lowering Devices Better

  • Sturdy Cast Aluminum Alloy Construction
  • Condensation Exit System\m Offers no Moisture in the System
  • Unobstructed Interior Area
  • Square arm Providing more Stability in High Winds
  • Conduit Mount Adapter Provides no Cable Twisting
  • Stainless Steel 1/8” Cable with 1740 Pounds of Breaking Strength
  • Made in the USA
  • Brass 1/8” Contact Pins Prevents Exposure to Moisture